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At Puffles, we are committed to bringing Hong Kong egg waffles to the South Florida community with a modern twist. Not only are we introducing one of Hong Kong’s most famous street snacks to foodies in the States, but we are also injecting our own spin to the cultural phenomenon. Hong Kong egg waffles, also known as "Gai Dan Jai", are crispy on the outside yet soft and sweet on the inside. Individuals are able to customize their own waffle cone with choices from our wide selection of ice cream flavors and toppings.

To compliment these signature waffles, Puffles also serves bubble tea that is made to order using only the best ingredients sourced from Taiwan. Bubble tea was originally created by mixing black tea with milk and adding tapioca balls (bubbles, boba, pearls) to tie the drink together. At Puffles, we are committed to bringing the best and freshest bubble tea in the area. Our teas are brewed daily, using only loose tea leaves to release the full flavor of the leaves. The tapioca pearls are also cooked in our kitchen throughout the day to maintain the quality and texture of the pearls. These tapioca pearls have a shelf life of only four hours to ensure that it has a chewy consistency with the sweet taste of honey. It can be added into your choice of beverage to elevate your drinking experience to the next level. At Puffles, you can choose between milk tea, fruit teas, or slushes to satisfy any craving you might have. Toppings range from tapioca pearls and popping bubbles (an explosion of flavor caused by the burst of the bubbles) to different types of jellies. With all these options, we hope you can find the bubble tea drink that is perfect just for you!






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M-Th 12pm–10:30pm
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Want a unique experience at your next special event? At Puffles, we provide catering services for a variety of events, including weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, and more. Our staff is dedicated to providing high quality, personalized service that goes above and beyond to make your event an unforgettable success.

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349 Johnson Street.

Hollywood, FL 33019